About Me



Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Thea and I am a fully qualified  Hypnotherapist, Solution Focused Therapist,  EFT Practitioner and Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner.

Like so many others, I have experienced a number of personal challenges in my life.

Over the years, whilst studying these transformational therapies, I discovered the incredible benefits of them which enabled me to overcome my challenges, improve my health and greatly enhance my life.

Through a journey of discovery of the mind/body connection and how highly effective these therapies can be for greatly improving wellbeing, I grew a passion and a genuine commitment for assisting others in achieving their goals, overcoming their difficulties and improving their quality, and love, for life.

Every client comes to me with their own unique set of life experiences. Working together, we can identify the causes of any specific issues and find a way forward. I offer a safe, confidential and caring atmosphere in which to communicate and progress together. I am non-judgemental, sympathetic and understanding of life’s issues and the effects they can have on the body, both mentally and physically. Every session is tailored and focused on supporting my clients in making the positive, lasting changes needed to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.