“Best coach ever”


“I contacted Thea to see if she could help me to break my habit of smoking cigarettes when drinking alcohol, either out with friends or at home, something that made me feel guilty and angry with myself. I felt that I lacked the will power, control, and self-belief to achieve this on my own. What I struggled with the most was trying to break the habit of having a cigarette with an alcoholic drink and stopping that association. I also wanted to stop feeling that I needed a cigarette when feeling stressed or anxious. The therapy sessions provided me with strategies to help break these behavior patterns. I think without these tools and strategies I would have carried on the same pattern of behavior. I found the sessions helped immensely to build my confidence, self-esteem and the belief in myself to achieve my goals. This has also helped in other aspects of my life such as dealing with relationships and setting myself other targets. Since I saw Thea my life has really changed for the better, I have actually run a half marathon which was a goal I had set myself and I am now a member of a running club. I have also qualified as a yoga teacher which I love. Thea really helped me to have confidence in my abilities and to recognize that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. I am very grateful to Thea for all her help and support.”

V George.

“Thea is really friendly and made me feel very comfortable”


“I contacted Thea to provide me with support because I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks due to a traumatic event. Thea is really friendly and made me feel very comfortable therefore I felt at ease when discussing sensitive issues with her. My goal was to build the confidence I once had and re-find myself. Thea truly helped me accomplish this. Thea also helped me to get over a traumatic event that was contributing immensely to my anxiety with the use of hypnotherapy. I will forever be grateful for all that Thea has done to help me and for showing me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn’t have been able to overcome my issues without Thea.”

S Lloyd

“Thank you so much Thea”


“I went to see Thea as I had been struggling with the loss of my father who had died in 2014. After meeting Thea, and her explaining the therapies she offered and how they might help, I felt comfortable talking through my issues and decided to commit to working with her. During our sessions, I realized I was also trying to deal with some feelings of guilt and unresolved grief from losing my mother 12 years previously. Working with Thea through these issues made me realize that my grief was totally normal and that my feelings of guilt were unfounded. I now feel I have the right tools to recognize and deal with my emotions when they arise and I have a much more positive and happier outlook on life. Thank you so much Thea.”

J Quigley

“Wonderful therapist”


“Thea is a wonderful therapist who has helped me move forward in life. Her gentle approach made me feel relaxed and thanks to her I’ve gained new perspectives and feel much better about an upcoming change in the future. She helped me address my emotional blocks and lifted them and within a couple of sessions, I went from being scared about it to feeling excited. Thea combined a variety of tools skillfully, explained things well and was very calming, kind, understanding and reassuring. I’ve found her safe, knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and very easy to talk to. I have loved my sessions with Thea and can highly recommend her as a practitioner. Thank you Thea for your great help”

S Sommer-Wood


“Thea has changed my life”


“I was led to contact Thea through a recommendation because I recognized I needed help with exam anxiety. I was struggling with exam pressure during my A-level revision and exam time. This was a crucial time for me because I felt the pressures of time management, academic deadlines and working towards University requirements that I had to meet. I needed to find a way to balance both pressure and adrenaline and channel this in a productive way during my exams. The work I did with Thea really helped me to remain calm during exam time and to achieve the results I needed. I passed my A-levels with flying colors which meant I have been able to go to the University I always dreamed of going to. Working with Thea has changed my life, I often reflect on our sessions together and use the tools and techniques as calming coping strategies during periods of stress. I would definitely recommend Thea to everyone, she has helped me so much.”

L. O’Hagan